Barclays Capital Launches Israel Government Inflation-Linked Bond Index


London (September 20, 2010) – Barclays Capital, publisher of leading inflation-linked benchmarks, today announced the launch of a new Israel Government Inflation-Linked Bond Index. This index family expands the local market coverage of the existing Barclays Capital Inflation-Linked benchmark index platform and offers both international and domestic investors a transparent and rules-based benchmark of the Israel inflation-linked government bond market.

“Israel has a long and established history of inflation-linked bond issuance and is viewed as an important domestic inflation market,” said Brian Upbin, Head of Benchmark Index Research for Barclays Capital. “The launch of the Israel Government Inflation-Linked Bond Index, coupled with its inclusion in the Barclays Capital Universal Government Inflation-Linked Index, underscores our commitment to the inflation-linked asset class.”

Len Rosen, CEO of Barclays Capital Israel, said, “We are pleased to offer the Israel Government Inflation-Linked Bond Index, as this represents an important step in the continued growth of Barclays Capital's Israeli business."

The newly launched indices include the overall Israel Government Inflation-Linked Bond Index with full history dating back to June 1999, in addition to sub-indices based on maturity buckets. To facilitate breakeven analysis, an Israel Comparator Bond Index has also been developed. This index is composed of nominal comparator Israel government bonds corresponding to each inflation-linked bond in the flagship inflation-linked index.

Israel will also become an eligible sub-component of the Barclays Capital Universal Government Inflation-Linked Bond Index (UGILB) as of January 1, 2011, expanding the market coverage of the broadest Barclays Capital Inflation-Linked index to 20 countries and over 200 inflation-linked securities.

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