Barclays Capital Launches Portfolio WebBench Live


New web-based quantitative analytics platform offers real-time execution monitoring and transaction cost analysis

New York, NY, July 19 2010 – Barclays Capital today announced the launch of a new web-based real-time equities trading analytics application, Portfolio WebBench® Live.

Building on the strong heritage of Portfolio WebBench, Barclays Capital’s flagship execution analytics toolkit for global equity portfolios, Portfolio WebBench Live has been remodeled to provide real-time execution monitoring, more dynamic and customizable content, and session sharing capabilities.

“We believe that Portfolio WebBench Live is a truly unique product, offering clients a web-based tool for real-time execution analysis of their trading” said Brian Pomraning, Head of Equity Analytics Applications. “In dynamic markets, execution performance and cost are increasingly important considerations; Portfolio WebBench Live can enhance trading transparency for clients, giving them insights that will allow them to optimize their execution, and pinpoint and react to risk as their transactions unfold.”

Portfolio WebBench Live offers real-time performance monitoring of single stock executions, as well as on the portfolio level. Users can evaluate their trading performance against user-defined benchmarks and can analyze slippage decomposition and execution venue breakdowns. Analytical reports are available for download online and live execution monitoring sessions can be easily shared among users through URL links and dynamic session sharing.

Portfolio WebBench Live can be accessed via Barclays Capital Live, the firm’s web-based client portal. Barclays Capital Live has nearly 100 analytical tools, providing clients access to historical market and derived data, yield curves, and quantitative models that allow investors to enhance their market analysis.

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