Barclays Capital Launches World FX Strategy Indices


London, 19 October 2011 – Barclays Capital today announced the launch of two World FX investable indices offering investors exposure to carry and trend strategies through a range of 25 currencies globally.

Carry investing and trend following are the most commonly employed FX investment styles. The Barclays Capital World Carry and World FX Trend Indices are designed to optimally capture these styles and extract value from the global currency markets using a robust and transparent approach.

The Barclays Capital World Carry Index seeks to extract carry across both developed and emerging FX markets. In contrast to a generic carry trade, the index is designed to isolate the carry component of currency returns while reducing exposure to sharp moves in spot exchange rates. The index selects currency pairs with an optimal carry-to-risk ratio and imposes a diversification rule to reduce concentration risk of any individual currency.

The Barclays Capital World FX Trend Index seeks to benefit from trends in global FX markets. The index uses an innovative trend measure to identify and select currencies exhibiting the most consistent trending patterns. Trend following strategies, by design, dynamically follow the direction of the market, which offers potential diversification benefits when combined with other strategies, especially in times of market stress.

Bill Hirschberg, Head of FX Structuring at Barclays Capital said: “The World Carry and World FX Trend Indices offer investors access to the two most popular FX investment strategies. Not only do the two Barclays Capital World FX Indices show consistent performance and diversification, but their combination delivers enhanced risk-adjusted returns.”

Arne Staal, European Head of Index Products & Systematic Strategies Research at Barclays Capital added: “The Barclays Capital World Carry and World FX Trend indices offer exposure to carry and trend risk premia in FX markets while aiming to reduce drawdowns via risk control and diversification. Employing innovative strategies on liquid instruments in the FX markets, these indices are rules-based, transparent and can be used as stand-alone sources of excess return or as building blocks in a style-based investment approach.”

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